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I just joined and this is my first post here.  :D


Can you suggest any good books on the care of ant plants (Myrmecophytes)?


Also, what are some good sources for ant plants in the USA?



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Hi Acro,


Welcome to the forum.  I will tackle the "sources in the USA" question.  From another of your posts I see you already know about Black Jungle.  I think they have a new supplier because they had more species of ant-plants for sale recently than ever before. 


Here are some other US sources lifted from one of Derrick's posts:


"USA. Hoya, Tillandsia and more.      http://www.bobsmoleys.com/hoya.html

USA. Rubiaceae, Bromeliaceae, asclepiads. A source of new introductions to the USA.  http://www.tropiflora.com/

USA. Dischidia, Lecanopteris, Hydnophytum, Myrmecodia, Pachycentria, Tillandsia. http://www.blackjung...riumsupply.com/

USA. (Hawaii) Green Plant Research. Primarily asclepiads. http://www.rare-hoyas.com/

USA. Myrmecodia. http://www.andysorchids.com/"


And a few more from me:


Charles Alford at rareferns.com offers Rubiaceous ant-plants and Lecanopteris ant-ferns.


The American eBay has a constant supply of ant-plants and Lecanopteris ant-ferns for sale in the warmer months of the year.


And I will have occasional offerings, mainly of seeds, on my website:  franksantplants.com

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Thanks Frank!

I am trying to trade for ant plants on this forum and on a few other plant forums.  But if I can't make a trade then I will have to start saving up and buy some.  I've grown a variety of plants and ant plants are rather expensive for a small plant.  Why is that?  Do they take a long time to grow or are they just very rare?  Or is there another reason?


Thanks Derrick!

I just sent Australian succulents a message, hopefully they can ship that book to the USA.

And I am about to PM Frank about your DVD book.  :D

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This is not only about books but about an enormous volume of further reading in various sources, many online. There is no facility here for recording large single articles; therefore, my list of myrmecophyte related references which is about 8 A4 pages long, has been copied to the files section of:


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