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Hi Jean-Michel,

Some of us are having very good results using plastic domes on 11 inch by 21 inch plastic trays under blue T5 fluorescent bulbs.  The domes are 7-1/2 inches tall and designed to fit on the top of the trays.   The domes have ventilation ports in the top.   Two of these domed trays fit just swell under a four foot light fixture.  The tray and dome are both inexpensive and here in the USA we can buy them in stores that sell supplies to hydroponic growers.






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I get some moss growing on the media but no particular problem with rot.  I keep the ventilation ports open and if I want less humidity I can blow a small fan over the ports or put the dome top onto the tray a little crooked so there is a gap on the bottom on one or two sides of a fraction of an inch.

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Jeff, I use chopped long fiber sphagnum to plant seeds on and for the seedlings community pots.  Once I start to pot the plants individually I use an epiphyte mix that includes: chopped long-fiber sphagnum, perlite, coconut husk chunks (soaked overnight 3 times and rinsed to remove salt), small fir bark pieces, charcoal and some inert clay balls or chips.

I loose some seedlings, especially at first transplant into individual pots - but not what I would call "a lot of mortality"

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Jeff, I would suspect insufficient lighting could be the problem, especially if heating and ventilation have remained the same as always. Light bulbs loose output as they get old and have to be replaced, if you use natural light, panels can become more opaque or stained over time and drop the amount of light getting to your plants. If your seedlings are leaning towards any external source of light this could very well be your problem.


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