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Epiphytic Myrmecophytes: Bizarre Wonder of Nature 2021 and now the 2022 version!!!


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Thank you very much for providing us with the fruits of your many years of labor as regards your extensive database of Epiphytic Myrmecophytes!!!!!!!!

I just browsed 4 of the chapters and had no trouble opening or navigating them.  Photo quality is excellent and the extent of your research is truly inspiring!

We are honored to have all this available to us at our "finger tips". 

I want to encourage all of our members and guests make use of all of this that you have provided.  It is so thorough that some of us will feel overwhelmed with reading it, but start at least with browsing some of the chapters and look for photos and things that interest you.  I expect you will keep coming back.

Administrator, Frank

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Epiphytic Myrmecophytes: Bizarre Wonder of Nature 2022

HI, it is unclear to me how this link works and if it will work here going forward.  But lets give it a try as this is a monumental work that needs to be of easy access given the dearth of good ant-plant information.

Serious kudos to Derrick for his work over the years for putting this information together and making it freely available.

Thank you very much Derrick!  


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  • Frank changed the title to Epiphytic Myrmecophytes: Bizarre Wonder of Nature 2021 and now the 2022 version!!!

Thanks Frank. Yes, it has been hard work especially in recent years due to its large size. I have become too old - especially brain wise (ever diminishing recall) to keep updating it. Indeed, It would be nice to see much younger persons taking over future publication and changing it as THEY  and their audience wish. It certainly can be much abbreviated, especially if users provide feed back as to what they found most useful and interesting.  It was written partly to encourage more persons to explore native habitats but Covid was no help in that regard. However, there have been hints that scientific interest has been aroused in some ant-plant regions possibly leading to scientific breakthroughs. Also, interest has certainly spread among lay members.    

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