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Myrmephytum sp. Malaybalay bukindon, Mindanao Philippines.


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The spesies whichi has not been seen in the ant plant collected from Mindanao was found.

It compares with M.selebicum.


The left is a new species and tha right is a Myrmephytum selebicum.

New species is no spine and a leaf is defferent.

A stalk is the appearance of Myrmephytum.








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Yes most interesting Satoshi.  Both plants have masses of rather thin fibrous roots, something not seen in the few hydnophytum species I am familiar with in habitat that tend to have much fewer but thicker and longer roots.  Is this type of root system something common to myrmephytums?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bukidnon

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Dear Satoshi,

the more I look at the picture, the more I doubt that it's Myrmephytum:

IMHO the single stem looks a lot like Myrmephytum, BUT if it was Myrmephytum, one would expect to see the fleshy bracts of inflorescences that are absent on the whole stem. A stem of that length certainly would be capable of flowering. So, I'd rather suggest it's Hydnophytum. A VERY interesting species!

All the best


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