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Anthorrhiza areolata


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Anthorrhiza areolata C. R. Huxley & Jebb published in Blumea 36 (1) 1991. Tubers sub-globose 35x25cm dull brown, spineless, decumbent, areolate (surface roughened by areolae,) upper surface ant entrances few, funnel-shaped to a large 3 cm Ø, opening into large chambers that often contain rainwater.

Stems several, slim, to 100 cm (40") long, upcurving, sometimes branching.  Leaves erect, spreading at stem apex. Fruit ovoid-oblong orange-red with two seed.

Infauna: No ants but cockroach egg cases, and geckos have been recorded inside.

  Habitats: A frequent low level (to 1.5 m.) usually solitary epiphyte on stunted, open, very mossy Dacrydium forest only 3-5 m. (10-16 ft.) tall at altitudes of 600-750 m. (1969-2461 ft.) Sympatric with A. bracteosa and Hydnophytum spp.

Range/Record: Mts., Bwebwesu and Pabinama, Normanby Island, D’Entrecasteaux Islands, Milne Bay Province, PNG.

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