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Dischidia Oiantha Variegata - propagation cuttings dying

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A few weeks ago I bought a variegated dischidia oiantha. It has several new growths on it that are growing fine since I got it, getting larger and more mature. Since it seemed to be doing so well I thought I'd try propogating it to make my pot a bit fuller. I took a cutting, allowed it to dry and sat it in some water. The cutting died. I tried again, but placed it in its own substrate. That one also dropped its leaves, turned brown, and died. My third one just died also. That one I simply layed it on top of the substrate, covered the aireal root just a bit, and left it to its own. Still it died. What am I doing wrong? The plant is healthy, I believe, so I am quite confused. Is it due to the fact it is variegated that I am having trouble?

It's night time now, so I will post pictures tomorrow if it will help.

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