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An interesting development perhaps.

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Follow my conversation.  One hopes it may lead to many possibilities in Papua New Guinea.


It is not possible to supply a direct link.  First one must click on the above URL which will take you to The Nature Park's page.  Then click on my post currently in Recent Posts column on the right hand side of the page.   Eventually my post will probably get buried by later posts but using Facebook's search facility should find it.

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Hello Derrick,

I know that Facebook will always stay a mystery to me, including my ignorance on the (possible?) existence of solid search functionality there - one of the reasons I more and more try to stay away of FB. To me it appears like a big hole in which you can drop all kind of data that you will never find again after just a few days but which may be found and misused by others...

Can you please link directly to the conversation you are referring to. Sorry for my ignorance ;)

All the best


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