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Where is the initiative.


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It is sad that too many members of ant-plant circles seem focused primarily on the acquisition of plants with little regard for an acquisition of knowledge. Certainly, unless I duplicate information here, that I have already disseminated on my Facebook group. It DOES NOT get shared.  For example, I have posted an update to my section (it took weeks of long day's work) on "Other Ant-plant Families" which now lists probably all known Neotropical ant-plant Melastomataceae (including terrestrials) plus additions to other Neotropical ant-friendly families.  I have vastly extended this section
due to an influx of South American members (mostly academics) into my Facebook group because my tome is being translated into Spanish.  There is an automatic Dropbox link on my group to this rather large section. https://www.facebook.com/groups/498723016920977/
I regularly promote this group but I am not aware of any reciprocation.  And let us be honest, it is mostly moribund.
Another fascinating fact is the VERY NOVEL presence of extrafloral nectaries in Myrmecodia horrida. See. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-90306-4_10-1
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Hi Derrick,   The link you just put in the above post is not taking us to any information about M. horrida.  You may want to fine tune the link.

As to updating your e-book, I suggest you keep people up to date by posting notes as as you proceed to build your magnificent work in the folder just below this one titled: "Derrick Rowe's ant plant e-book has just been released!!! and is available on our forum for free".  Or as an alternative you could put notes about the changes to your e-book in the folder: "Ant plants - general information, literature and links" in the thread titled: "Now available for free download Epiphytic Myrmecophytes Bizarre Wonders of Nature 2019".  You will want to start with updating the link to your e-book there, because that one no longer works. Or another alternative would be to start a new thread here in the "News" folder titled something like: "A listing of the latest updates to Derrick Rowe's e-book: Epiphytic Myrmecophytes, Bizzare Wonders of Nature".  If you put that one in here I will pin it to stay near the top of the "News" folder.

Thank you for your continuing efforts on behalf of ant-plants.

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This should work:


The link Derrick posted actually works. In fact it works better than the link I put above because it will remain searchable as everything changes in time. The link I posted above may not work eventually, and the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) name search will allow the information to be shared by preventing a missing link. I think It is a good way to share information. You have to go to the DOI website and enter the DOI name into the search/submit box.

First go to:


Then enter (copy and paste) this DOI name in the search box:

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Here's some information on DOIs:


This works as a direct link without entering it in the search box on the doi site. Not sure why the original link isn't working like this when they seem the same. The original link could be tweaked to work directly. It still works but in a two part method by copying the doi and pasting it in the search box .

Here's the same link, somehow I got it to work directly:


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