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Given the morphology of most Dischidia flowers, hybrids in this genus are rare.  I only know of a couple.  This particular hybrid is a cross between 2 different ant species:  D. vidalii x D. sp. Camiguin Island (a shell leaved species).


I wanted to post these pictures to show how similar it is to the Dischidia saccata that Satoshi shared photos of the other day ( http://myrmecodia.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/132-dischidia-saccata-mindanao/ ).  I find it interesting how similar the pocket-like leaves are to Hoya darwinii's modified ant leaves as well.


Sorry for the low quality shots, they are off my cell phone.



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Is it the well known "Snaily" ?




This plant is quite common, sometimes sold as "Dischidia platyphylla", but I'm agree with you, it really look like an hybrid involving a pitcher Dischidia (D. vidalii, D. complex, D. major) and a shell shaped Dischidia (D. platyphylla, D. imbricata...)

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have you a macro picture from the  tranverse cutting to the flower? to see the  lobe ( inflexed or reflexed) and their corolla hair 


have you some seeds ?


for me the leaves are closer to a D.platyphylla as a D.pectinoides


may be also if it is possible,  a macro picture  tranverse cutting flower to D.platyphylla and D.pectinoides  to compare them and  this hybrid



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Dischidia pectenoides H. Pearson (Henry Harold Welch Pearson) published in Journal of the Linnean Society, Botany, vol.35, p377, (1902). Also see p376. Often spelt pectinoides in error.

(J. Linn. Soc., Bot.) http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/335444#page/392/mode/1up.

This article hints of other possible saccate species.

Synonym, Dischidia vidalii Becc. (Odoardo Beccari) in Malesia Raccolta 2, pp272/3, (1886) with no type description, thus nom nud, a naked name in note #2 at bottom of page 272.

(Malesia 2) http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/151443#page/408/mode/1up

More background,

An enumeration of Philippine flowering plants, vol.3, p343, (1923) incorrectly as D. vidalii.

(Enum. Philipp. Fl.) http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/33502741#page/355/mode/1up

Journal of Botany British and Foreign, vol.40, p270, (1902) correctly as D. pectenoides.


Description. Domatia leaves are particularly inflated and again of the double cavity form seen in D. complex and it has attractive red flowers, probably a rarity in this little known genus where most flowers appear to be white.

Habitat/Range. The Zambales Range and Bataan, Rizal, and Laguna Provinces on Luzon Island, Northern Philippines, where it frequently grows on the living or dead stems of climbing bamboo.

It is surprisingly easy to cultivate.

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NO because unless someone can up with another type description in the literature earlier than 1902, Dischidia pectenoides is the correct name because D. vidalii was never validly published. See page 272 of Odoardo Beccari's tome Malesia raccolta 1886.  (Malesia 2.)  http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/151443#page/408/mode/1up. Yes Tropicos does attribute the name to Beccari (1886) but they are WRONG. It is plain to see by reading the above page 272 that Beccari did not add a type description; therefore, he does NOT have priority.   There are a number of errors regarding myrmecophytes in Tropicos/IPNI as my book will show, indeed at least one record has already been corrected.   Botanical authors must publish new species correctly in order to have priority but Beccari was not even trying to do so.  Furthermore, it is D. pectenoides with an e after the t not pectinoides with an i after the t.

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may be that the description was made before the writings of Beccarii by Vidal, hence the name.

  Statements such as this are not at all helpful and merely waste space in this forum. It is obvious there might be such a possibility, so I checked all of the resources available to me but I found nothing. I would suggest that unless positive new information is found, it is best not to make such vacuous comments.

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