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Columnea crassifolia

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Columnea crassifolia Brongn. ex Lem. (Adolphe Théodore (de) Brongniart) ex (Antoine) Charles Lemaire.) L'Horticulteur Universel 6: pp203-205, t. 7. (1844). (Hort. Universel) Not yet digitised.


An attractively flowering upright small shrub.

Image. https://plantingman.com/columnea-crassifolia-flowering-plants/

Ecology. Mentioned as an ant garden resident on this Nancy Botanical Gardens, France, web page. https://tools.bgci.org/garden.php?id=191 I have not been able to find supporting evidence on the www, but it is a probable contender. Range. Guatemala. Honduras, Mexico.

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I'm quite sure to have find it in a list of ant-garden plants a few years ago... But I can't find my references  yet.

Or perhaps I'd did a misinterpretation with Codonanthe crassifolia (Codonanthopsis c.)? The really near Columnea linearis si reported from ant-gardens in Costa-Rica.


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I have collected Columnea crassifolia on many occasions in Chiapas, México and Guatemala. It is invariably found in upper foothill or middle elevation cloud forest. Never, not once, found it associated with ants. 

I agree with Aurélien's view that someone almost certainly mixed genera and confused with Codonanthopsis crassifolia, a VERY different-looking, near obligate Central American myrmecophyte in nature.

Columnea linearis is a lowland tropical forest species that rarely makes it to low elevation Caribbean versant cloud forest in southern Central America.

This is an example of a wild-source, cultivated Columnea crassifolia in my garden in Guatemala from 1,600 m in Quezaltenango Department, Guatemala.

Columnea crassifolia.jpeg




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