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Tillandsia pseudosetacea

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I am sure that there is much more to learn about ants and bromeliads but this is all I have found regarding this one.  Although it may not even be myrmecophytic it certainly grows among such tillandsias.

Tillandsia pseudosetacea Ehlers & Rauh. (Renate Ehlers & Werner Rauh) In Tropische und subtropische Pflanzenwelt 58: pp35–37, f.21. (1986). (Trop. Subtrop. Pflanzenwelt). Not yet digitised.

Ecology. It occurs with T. occulta, H. Luther, (1997) Type found on a logging road NE of Panuco, Sinaloa, Mexico at 1100m. (3609ft.) along a small stream, epiphytic on Bombaceae in pine/oak forest with Tillandsia caput-medusae (a myrmecodomic species), and T. makoyana (a member of the T. utriculata group thus possibly (probably?) myrmecodomic.


“At the place where we collected, I would guess there were thousands of T. chapalillaensis, hundreds of T. pseudosetacea, tens of T. makoyana and T. achyrostachys and few T. ionantha.”


Thus, it may only be an ant-plant guild resident. Range, Mexico (Sinaloa, Guerrero, Oaxaca).



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