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when i first received this plant i couldn't believe how tall it was. then i realized didn't have a terrarium tall enough for it to go into. it was the 3rd or 5th ant plant i bought in 17' or 18' i think. i cut 4 branches off an stuck them in spag moss. hoping to get them to at least root. at that time i was asking around abt who else might have tried to grow out cuttings from their ant plants. i couldn't find anyone, i was also being ask the same question. and if i did i have forgotten all abt it. again i was looking to throw cuttings away if they weren't producing caudex's. to make space for for other plants. so i pulled the cuttings up a few days ago to see if their caudex had starting growing. i bury all my cuttings deep just in-case some might have rotted back a little on the ends. the ones that were growing to slowly i was going to through away. to my surprise they all had started both. great roots an very good starts on their caudex. also right after i took cuttings 2 cuttings started fruiting. again this has happened to a few other species cuttings.

Hydnophytum radicans mother plant.jpg

Hydnophytum radicans #1-caudex.JPG

Hydnophytum radicans-caudex 1in.JPG

Hydnophytum radicans #1c-f1-cutting-plant.JPG

Hydnophytum radicans #1a-f1-cutting-plant fruiting.JPG

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