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Lecanopteris darnaedii - Central Sulawesi

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Lecanopteris darnaedii Elbert Hennipman published in Kew Bulletin 41, 1986. Along with L. holttumii and L. spinosa a member of the L. darnaedii group all endemic to Sulawesi Island.

  Description:  Rhizome 3.5-4.5 cm in diameter, creeping, hollow, with two gallery and chamber systems arranged vertically, one directly above the other and running the length of the rhizome.  It is much branched, of massive construction and densely covered with sharp pointed spines 2-3 mm long derived from epidermal outgrowths; phyllopodia solid but not prominent.  It “does not branch profusely; 90-100% of primary side shoots do not commonly grow beyond four to five internodes.”  Thus, “plant architecture is restrained but morphology is intricate, while the reverse is true for L. lomarioides (Gay 1990, Gay et al. 1994, as L. sarcopus a synonym.)  Fronds 20-80 cm (8-31.5 inches) long, dark green, coriaceous, glabrous, deeply pinnatifid, bases winged, lobe tips rounded.  Sori 3mm in diameter, circular, set on un-stalked, reflexed (backward turned) extra marginal lobes.  Older specimens have a waxy layer on their rhizomes that gives them a slightly bluish shine.

  The species can easily be distinguished from the similar L. holttumii by their arrangement of sori. Both species have their sori on extensions of their leaf blades; here however, spores are contained in shallower somewhat dish or cup-shaped sori while those of L. holttumii are of a deeper coffee-mug form.

  Habitats: Found only in mid montane forests on brown loam with canopy heights of 20-25m (66-82 ft.) hence the species exhibits a highly restricted range and habitat tolerance.  Range:  Central Sulawesi only.  Records:  Central Sulawesi highlands; Mt Roroka Timbu at 2300-2500 m. (7546-8202 ft.) (Possibly in Lore Lindu National Park?)

  Notes:  The species is regularly ant inhabited.  (Gay 1990, Gay et al. 1994.)

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