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Hi everyone!

I was gifted this beautiful Hydnophytum and wanted to mount it on some tree bark since that reminded me of what the plant looked like when I was traveling in Borneo last year.  I put a fistful of sphagnum moss between the plant and the bark and then supported it with a wire.

It seems the leaves are going yellow and dropping now.  I'm not sure how moist I am supposed to keep it.  In terms of light, it gets an hour or so of direct morning sun and then 400 foot candles of indirect light all day after that.

Would love any tips people might have.  Not a lot of info out there I can find!


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Hi Tommy,  Welcome to the forum.  We hope you find the information here useful in your plant hobby.

Growing ant-plants mounted requires more effort and diligence than growing in pots and is best attempted only when you have a high humidity growing area, say 75% and over.  Your plant and the overall planting look very good.

The mass of sphagnum is essential in this way of growing and you need to keep the moss constantly wet, or at least moist.  This is what make this way of growing more high maintenance compared to pots.

The yellowing and loss of lower leaves is not unusual when the plants are stressed - like when being repotted or getting too dry.  

Good growing

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