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  2. Hi, Just thought id ask a stupid question. What are the laws/rules if some one from an other country would like to swap fruits with some one in Australia? I thought quarantine laws wouldn't allow this or at least make it difficult to do so. Can some one please (from Australia) set me straight about this matter. Thanks
  3. Hi Robert and Jeff, If this is true about the species i have, turns out to be M.platyrea sub. antoinii. i am willing to pass on some fruit or maybe some seedlings to swap for other species. As there are no fruit just this minute i will endeavour to have a closer look at the fruits when they appear again (which I'm pretty sure are pale orange) and post pics up so as the true experts (unlike myself who is still quite new to the ant plant world) can rut out exactly what i may have. Its funny really I've gone from thinking i have something fairly common and ordinary to perhaps something i gu
  4. Hi, Derrick, Robert, Thats really intriguing news. I appreciate the information about obtaining the white fruited, smooth caudex form of Myrmecodia beccari, but I'm so new to this i wouldn't know where to begin to find someone who cultivates these plants in Australia. Should i just google search it, or can this forum help me out? Derrick, i will take some better pics of the fruits when available, unfortunately at the moment it seems to have finished fruiting. I wouldn't say they are a bright orange or any thing like that, more of a pale orange but still orange colour is there. My plant t
  5. Hi Derrick, thank you. Unfortunately i am unaware of the origin of the seed for this plant. All i can tell you is that the fruits on my plant are orange. It does have a spiny caudex (even though the pics don't really show it). I am certain that the southern Mrymecodia has white fruits is that correct? Are there many plants if any in cultivation?
  6. Hi, Interesting plant indeed. Am wondering if this form is being grown in culture and how it may be possible for me to purchase some seed to germinate.
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