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  1. Bonjour now , where are you with these experiences ? jeff
  2. Bonjour excellent have you somes pictures? jeff
  3. Bonjour extraordinary species have you a macro picture to their flower ? for me in a triton bay 2 species one close to the myrmephytum specie1 the other close to a myrmecodia longissima but it is just my idea. the flower are not the same one white the other blue ( more elegant, with these delicate lobe) jeff
  4. see here the ANDREAS report 'in situ' on this H.crassicaule http://myrmecodia.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/27-hydnophytum-crassicaule-van-royen/ JEFF
  5. Bonjour for me P.caussensis is always a P.longifolia subsp caussensis ( Casper in Repert spec nov 66 ( 1962) why change the name ? the DNA analysis ? for the hydnophytum kejense , keiense , radicans are they the same ? you have all the element the tuber picture , the fower picture (with the anthers-stigma etc)have you seen for all these 3 species some fresh specimens ? if all are the same the anteriority rule applies
  6. I am OK with you DERRICK for the petiole, so it is not a H.mamberamoense may be then a new specie ? if that had been possible, I would like to see a section of the flower (ring of hair-anthers and stigma position ) and also know (which is easier) the number of seeds in the drupe. ELISABETH this plant looks very interesting jeff
  7. Bonjour ANDREAS I am OK with you the ELISABETH species is not a myrmecodia , may be a hydnophytum or a myrmephytum , I wait for the answer to the flower and the drupe. when you see the herbarium sheet to this H.mamberamoense , despite the bad state of conservation , this taxon stem seem to me more closer hydnophytum than myrmecodia may be a myrmephytum also . Huxley & jebb on their label from 1991 , write holotype H.mamberamoense . on your picture I see pollen with 3 or4 porate (like myrmephytum ; myrmecodia 2 or 3 porate ; hydnophytum 4( 3-5) ), I see also 2 lobed stigma close to hydnophytum no ? jeff
  8. Bonjour an other possibility in the genus HYDNOPHYTUM , H.mamberamoense may be present in this area jeff
  9. this specie H.auridemens was found in the archipelago of Louisiades, is at the other end of the new guinea island more of 1500 km at 400m altitude not in the mangroves. when I enlarge more the KEW and LAE doc , the bract hair seem to me not as important the leave seem not as elliptic I would like to have answers to my questions on the flower and the drupe in any case we need more determinants items . 2 proposal Myrmephytum and Hydnophytum are not rejecter JEFF
  10. Bonjour have you a flower section to see the ring hair , the anther and the stigma , but also the lobes form? look also the style bifid for the hydnophytum - 6 fid for the myrmephytum , if you have some seeds look also the pyrenes 2(4) for hydnophytum 4-8 for the myrmephytum jeff
  11. Bonjour a myrmephytum may be a moniliforme or a naumannii no have you a flower section to see the ring hair , the anther and the stigma a marvellous discovery jeff
  12. Bonjour the first at left is really a tuberosa 'dahlii' ? jeff
  13. it is a import rules not the export rules . I noted that the seeds to hydnophytum formicarum and myrmecodia tuberosa is not concerned . for one or 2 drupe these rules are effective ? jeff
  14. here in FRANCE ( may be in europe) no problem for the drupe or seeds swap , just respected the CITES rules on the protected plantes , and their state of health ( no problem for drupe or seeds ) I do not know if some ant plant are on the CITES I -II- III see here to have an idea http://www.cites.org/ the species :http://www.cites.org/eng/app/appendices.php jeff
  15. HUXLEY & JEBB speak to several intermediate specimens, may be is it one ? it is a shame no half flower to see the anther and stigma position with the ring hair . jean fran├žois
  16. EXCELLENT on my old cutting I have just root , not this swollen mass. jeff
  17. Bonjour same conclusion with me on my Mentawei H.sp, no caudex but devoppement normal with new leaves and rooting of cuttings. thank you for your answers jeff
  18. no answers, no one has tried? jeff
  19. I suspected as much, I've never heard of Lecanopteris in brazil. JEFF
  20. Bonjour have you try these methods on the ant plants ? jeff
  21. this taxon was found at what altitude in PHILLIPINAS , you know ? it is a young taxon , no. yes ,tuber coarsely honey combed. jeff
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