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  1. Bonjour PHILPATRICK they are ants from your home that colonized your plant ? do you have a picture in section of the inside of the flower but vertical (from bottom to top) to better see the position of the anther, the ring of hair, the stigma? how many lobe on the stigma ? Myrmecodia cf. pulvinata ; do you mean Myrmecodia tuberosa cf 'pulvinata'
  2. thank you FRANK it remains for us to read, re-read and re-read again ,to impregnate us with this revision jeff
  3. Bonjour for me H.kiense is not a H radicans , the leaves are not the same . see here a H.radicans authenticate by HUXLEY 1991 http://pinguicula.free.fr/radicans -dilo.png
  4. Bonjour have you a picture from the whole plant ? spines seems to be modified advantivious roots ,there is also a gradation from spines to roots . a lot of rubiaceae have often spines around the alveoli where you have often flowers
  5. Bonjour the petioles are what lengths ? ANDREAS : may be a macro pictures for the spines of the tuber jeff
  6. Bonjour a point seems important to me on the specimen that ANDREAS proposes us, the shape of the spines of the tuber, they are stellated or with a particular form, not simple spines. What are your ideae ?
  7. what annoys me is that the line wallace passes between Bali and LomboK, and from what I read the vegetations of each side of this line are not the same . on Bali I have no record of rubiaceae
  8. magnifique ANDREAS 😍 but it is not a Myrmecodia tuberosa, "siasiada village" Milne Bay Province, PNG,here the tuber is spiny on the first picture no spine on the tuber jeff
  9. excellent infos on the salomon island species , 😍 merci FRANK
  10. Bonjour may be this one https://www.europeana.eu/portal/fr/record/11621/_NHMUK_BOT_BM000945561.html?q=hydnophytum+#dcId=1550046811532&p=1 it is a new guinea species
  11. Bonjour with a picture may be one idea
  12. Bonjour on the drupe how many pyrenes number ? on the flower how many fid and have you a ring of hair ? the shape of the leaves is quite characteristic,is not it 😉 on this specimen the between nodes seems indeed rather short, but maybe it is a problem of condition of life, on the others that you saw the stems are always picked up?
  13. Bonjour may be this one : https://www.wistuba.com/non-carnivorous-plants/antplants-rubiaceae/possibly-new-genus/index.php herbarium board : http://pinguicula.free.fr/mamberamoense1.png http://pinguicula.free.fr/mamberamoense.png your idea ?
  14. Bonjour have you a picture of this hydnophytum mamberamoense , and why not a description? jeff
  15. Bonjour for me it is a Schomburgkia tibicinis ,This orchid Schomburgkia Tibicinis, is apparently also known as Myrmecophilia Tibicinis, Catteleya Tibicinis, and Epidendrum Tibicinis.😉 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Schomburgkia_tibicinis1.jpg
  16. Bonjour do you know the Bali's ant plant ? on this island may be some M.tuberosa 'rumphii' do you know if there are ? jeff
  17. Bonjour see here a very good document on the lecanopteris http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/77306 the 45 volume page 293 to 335 they are all the species find on sulawesi jeff
  18. Bonjour I use 2 fertilizer for these plants NPK : 23.5.5 for green plants NPK : 13.19.19 now like my amorphophallus here I favor the P (phosphorus for root development) and the K (potassium for flowering and fruit development (drupes)) between 2 fertilizations use rainwater jeff
  19. Bonjour have you picture to their clypeoli and alveoli ? jeff
  20. Bonjour Ashley (1971); Rickson(1979) ; Jansen (1974) and Huxley (1978) have worked on this subject , and found similarites with carnivorous plants. jeff
  21. Bonjour The two mine, adult and that have fruited abundantly, I lost them unfortunately. They began to lose all their foliage, then were invaded by a kind of moss that made them die. Also, I made a fatal mistake, I distributed seeds everywhere and I did not worry about me, if I could sometimes find one or two Drupe, it would be enchanting. jeff
  22. Bonjour very interesting method to grow dischidia . the nursery in Mareebe have a web site ? jeff
  23. Bonjour for Borneo island (borneo- sarawak ) species I think like FRANK . may be others morphologicals caracters to see : the clipeoli , the alveoli , the leaves midrib , and also if the clypeoli continue to the base of the stem . jeff
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