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  1. excellent 🤩

    for mine a S.imberbis  ( but also all my rubiaceae) I use now tree fern root in plate.

    I put my plant on the plate which is horizontal, with a little living sphagnum moss around it, so that it takes root well, then I hang it on the edge of my terra.
    when the plate is dry I saturate it with rainwater

    for fertilizer I use  NPK : 13-19-19   commonly and some times  25-5-5 (exceptionally)

    FRANK how old is your plant ? you had it initially with flowers and drupe?

  2. excellent picture

    the stigma was at the same level as the anther ?
    on the tuberosa 'pulvinata'
    the anthers just above and touching the hairs 
    in longistyle flowers stigma at the tube apex
    in brevistyle flowers stigma at the same level as the anthers
    stigma 5 or 6 lobed
    fruit pink



  3. Bonjour

    rarely cleistogamous and sometimes heterostylous .

    may be  selfpollinate , pollinate by the ant although ants are ' piétre'( in french I can not find the right word in English)pollinator , may be also by the wind or other critters

    where did you get your 'pulvinata'  ?

    this label Myrmecodia cf pulvinata   for my part is not correct, rather cf tuberosa 'pulvinata', pulvinata according to Huxley and JEBB is part of tuberosa, it is not a species apart ,or simply

    Myrmecodia  sp ,when you are not sure of his determination


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