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  1. I also often observed and considered Hydnophytum. But a stalk is thicker than Hydnophytum. Is has the more nearly middle feature. Possibility of mating of Hydnophytum ando Myrmephytum? It observes more a photograph is published.
  2. Ko n ni chi wa. Yes,Sorry no flower. I had gone to Mindoro of the Philippines in Apl 18-23. This was found in a friend's nursery. A photograph will be published if a flower blooms, since it took home.
  3. The spesies whichi has not been seen in the ant plant collected from Mindanao was found. It compares with M.selebicum. Hydnophytum? The left is a new species and tha right is a Myrmephytum selebicum. New species is no spine and a leaf is defferent. A stalk is the appearance of Myrmephytum.
  4. I don't understand how to use a site. It publishes here. Poikilospermum sp. Central Luzon, Philippines, Sea level 1000m. Ground and Epiphytic.
  5. Sorry,a photograph is only this. A photograph will be carried,if I raise and flower blooms. Please wait.
  6. Field work in my friend. He is the hunter of aqua plants. He brought only two shares. It is one of them. I think that it is the first in japan. Sea Level 300-400m. It is said that it saw by the old tree of a coconut field. It had grown so that it might hang down.
  7. Myrmephytum selebicum. Malaybalay bukindon 600m,Mindanao Philippines.
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