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  1. I also had no trouble in opening and viewing. Truly Amazing! Thanks so much ken
  2. Fantastic Frank! You surely have done well with the various Squamellaria! My S. major still look like pieces of string beans -with roots at one end and a profusion of leaves- but no appreciable growth on the caudex. Can you share your growing media recipe and also your fertilizing regime? Thanks!
  3. Thank you Frank! Great reading and the illustrations by Rosemary Wise are fantastic!. The retention of the morphologically Hydnophytum-like Squamellaria in the genus Squamellaria for purposes of 'stability' and to support a 'Phylogenetic Concept' indicates (at least to me) that future genetic investigations into the group may eventually lead to some differing conclusions. Don't throw those old names away yet!
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