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  1. Great, I'm looking for them to "stick". Thanks!
  2. Thanks Derrick, I figured that rough bark would be better for offsets too. Then there's the thought that rough bark will hold moisture a little longer, which may be benificial in establishing the plant. It's fascinating to know that light penetration won out over bark texture! It's understandable, but not something that comes to ones mind right away. I remember seeing Tillandsias growing on fences and electric wires back when I lived in Florida. They were beautiful, unfortunately the electric company and many people didn't think so, and would remove them from their established spots!
  3. I'll go with the cork then. Thanks jeff, you're always helpful and friendly.
  4. I haven't been on here in a LONG time! Anyway, I have a Tillandsia caput-medusa that has been growing unrooted, and I'd like to mount it on a piece of wood. I'm curious to hear the experiences of other growers; what type of wood have you mounted Tillandsia caput-medusa onto? I have Grapewood and Cork bark readily available. I could also get a chunk of Coconut Husk, if that would be suitable. Please share your thoughts and experiences.
  5. That's wonderful! Nice work! It reminds me of when I lived in Miami, FL. Huricane Andrew blew through and caused mass distruction. There were these old giant cypress trees that cracked in half. In order to save them, a group of people decided to hoist them back up and literally bolted the trees back together. To this day, they are alive and standing tall.
  6. It was just a suggestion and it's your forum, so do things however you like. But remember, you did ask for feedback. I will add that the most active plant and animal forums (I am a member of) have very active sale/trade/free sections. I'm just offering ideas to help the ant plant forum grow and thrive. I think that's what we all want.
  7. Thanks Frank! I am trying to trade for ant plants on this forum and on a few other plant forums. But if I can't make a trade then I will have to start saving up and buy some. I've grown a variety of plants and ant plants are rather expensive for a small plant. Why is that? Do they take a long time to grow or are they just very rare? Or is there another reason? Thanks Derrick! I just sent Australian succulents a message, hopefully they can ship that book to the USA. And I am about to PM Frank about your DVD book.
  8. Actually, I think the air plant I have is Tillandsia caput-medusa (there is a great write up about it on this forum). If I can find out how to pollinate it, I may have seeds available to trade some time. So far, I haven't found good pollination info online about it. Thanks for the suggestion on D. major, that plant is crazy looking!
  9. I'm on several plant and animal forums and I like the ability for people to post replies. This avoids having to repeat the same response to questions over and over again. However, a rule to keep negotiations restricted to a private message could be in affect.
  10. Agree ^ There area many reasons to avoid facebook. Also, I've noticed more and more people seem to be leaving facebook or avoid it all together (several of these are college students!).
  11. I don't know the species but it looks like this: Bottom one in bloom Top right An ant plant?
  12. Hello, I just joined and I joined because of a Carnivorous Plant forum (terraforums) that I am a member of. I've seen various posts about ant plants in their "Miscellaneous Plants" section and I went looking for more information and found this forum. So to start, I would suggest posting in other forums to generate interest. No adds need to be placed, but just starting a thread with pictures and some info would get people interested in checking out your website. Carnivorous plant forums, orchid forums, poison frog forums, gecko forums, succulent/cacti forums and air plant/bromeliad fo
  13. My girlfriend gave me a Tillandsias and I didn't even know it was an ant plant! It's flowering now. I will look into Hydnophytinae and Myrmecodia, they look amazing! What level is Dischidia Pectinoides? I saw one (years ago) at a flower shop and I've always wanted to try one.
  14. I used to grow orchids, now I mostly grow carnivorous plants. I would like to try growing an ant plant but I don't know where to start. Can you suggest a good first ant plant?
  15. Hello! I just joined and this is my first post here. Can you suggest any good books on the care of ant plants (Myrmecophytes)? Also, what are some good sources for ant plants in the USA?
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