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Akihiro Ito

Lecanopteris sp. South Sulawesi

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Hi Akihiro,

Welcome to the forum.  That is a great habitat shot of Lecanopteris balgooyi.  The thick spines replacing some of the fronds is something I like very much but the plants would not do that for me back when I grew these.  I was not very successful growing this species - the rhizome growing tip would always grow up and off of the growing media for me.

I am not clear why you do not think this is L. balgooyi?

Here is the description of balgooyi from Flora Malesiana, Series 2, Vol. 3, 1998, page 64.


It says the sori are "in a single row on each side of the rachis or costae, to 7 on each pinna" .  That is what I see on your habitat photo of the sporophyll.

I will admit to some confusion about this when I first looked at google images of L. balgooyi sporophylls.  Those photos (probably of plants in cultivation) show sporophylls that have complete margins or with only a little pinnatification of the frond.   The Flora Malesiana description allows for this saying the fronds are "entire to pinnatifid".  So I think better growing conditions in habitat are responsible for the different look of the sporophyll in your photo compared to google cultivated plant photos of balgooyi sporophylls..

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