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Robert Pulvirenti

Murmecodia tuberosa "papuana" two cultivated forns.

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Six young sibling plants of M.tuberosa "papuana" Lockhart River form, which are virtually the same as the Iron Range form as the Lockhart River area is on the eastern border of Iron Range NP. All these young plants are starting to flower and growth for a Myrmecodia has been fairly rapid. Fellow member Rita Kupke germinated these plants and potted them into 50mm (2") pots from a community tray in March 2015, I received the plants in March 2016 and three months later (June) potted them into 100mm (4") pots. On average Rita's seedlings spend 20 weeks in community trays before being big enough to be individually potted, this would make these plants just under two and a half years old.

The fairly mature individual plant is a McIlwraith form of "papuana" and has a very interestingly shaped caudex, it produces fruit right through the winter here and with good feeding produces 7 or 8 seed per fruit. Of all the different sub-species and forms of M.tuberosa that I grow, this plant and its seedling are the slowest growing by a large margin, weather other plants of this form are as slow I cannot say at this stage.



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The reason I have pictured six plants of the Lockhart River form is to show the fairly uniform rate of growth among the plants, but more importantly the variation within a form. The plant second from the left has developed an elongate tuber and the plant on the far right has naturally developed two main stems, all these plants have been grown under the same conditions from germination.

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