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This quite unusual and large specimen was photographed on a Pandanus tree in a small area of somewhat savanna-like grasslands.

Much of the 'natural' vegetation still extant along this road is regrowth rain forest.


The specimen formed a guild with a Myrmecodia species and ubiquitous Dischidia nummularia.

Location was along the unsealed road along the northern edge of Milne Bay from Alotau to East Cape near the tip of the Papuan Peninsula.

Note the 'bubbled' growth.


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How old could be a such big specimen?



I often asked myself how old big specimens of Hydnophytinae could be. I was always sure that they must be very old.

However, last year I saw a few fairly big Myrmecodia brassii and M. lamii plants that grew terrestrially just besides a newly built road on the road bank. Unless somebody moved and "replanted" them there they could be just a few years old.

I guess aa active ant colony must be a huge source of nitrogen!

All the best


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I agree that a steady source of fertilizer can be a boon for these plants. I grew a moseleyanum ex-Tropiflora from golf ball to football-sized caudex in five years in my unheated conservatory in Guatemala. From my own experience, I can confirm that several species of hydnophytines can grow with surprising rapidity when happy, even if grown on the cool side during the winter.



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'in situ' las hormigas son buenos abastecimiento de nitrogenées sustancias ,  'ex situ' (a menudo por lo tanto sin hormigas), es necesario traer algún tipo de fertilizante NPK con alto contenido de nitrógeno.


excuse me , this is a electronic translation's



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