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Settling up a Myrmecophyte collection

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I'm fairly new into Myrmecophytes, but thanks to Dr Wistuba's offer I had an opportunity to enrich my little basement conservatory with those wonderful plants! I know it's nothing special and I am not an expert, but I'm pretty happy with them. The plants have been growing alongside my Nepenthes & Heliamphora species for about 2 years already. Hoping to get some more species in the nearest future ;)

All comments welcome!


Myrmephytum beccarii



Hydnophytum ramispinum together with N. sp. Doorman's Top '2' plants



Close-up at the Hydnophytum & Nep pitchers





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The plants look great. It is always challenging to grow these things well under lights, but you look like you're succeesing.

Best of luck with your collection. You have started at a great time, since so many fantastic ant plants new to cultivation are becoming available.


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