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  1. Hello, I just returned from a trip to the Philippines and took several pictures of ant plants I found while ascending Mount Hamiguitan. I guess most / all of them are simply Myrmecodia tuberosa. Excuse me if I'm wrong since I'm more familiar with Nepenthes and other carnivorous plants in general. Kind regards, Marco
  2. Any news in here? I recently wrote to Frank. Upgrading from IP.Board 3.x to IP.Board 4.x is moderate effort while migrating from IP.Board to another software is literally pain in the ass since probably no tool on the market is able to transform the dataset without losing or concatenating data. I'd rather look forward to get the whole thing into a self-hosted environment with only the community package licensed. Further version 4.x has a powerful advertisement module out-of-the-box for no charge. Kind regards, Marco
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