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  1. That was my problem also. About 3 leaves turned yellow and died and none since, I don't know if the leaves were old and the plant did that or it's some under stress. The plant flowered tho, but I missed the flowering and started to notice some white fruits like some cacti have. I let the plant to dry completely and then water it, it sits on a windowsill and the temp is around 18-20 celsius at night but during the day it gets to around 25C. I'm also wondering about fertilizations because these guys don't get much nutrients from the bark, so they get extra nutrients from ants droppings ( at least that's what i read ). Obviously my plant doesn't have that kind of ant species and the media seems to be coconut fibre which is poor in nutrients. I would like to give it a fertilizer but I don't know if they like to be sprayed with a fertilizer in cultivation. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi guys, how much watering is needed for Mymecodia Beccarii? Also the temperature and lighting. I am new to ants plants so I have no experience in growing these. Thank you!
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