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  1. I have had this plant for several years. I had another of equal size that recently suddenly rotted. Now, this specimen has begun the same thing. I don’t understand what has happened to cause this situation, I’m turning to the knowledgeable experts on this forum to help. This picture was taken prior to its current poor health.
  2. This is one of my favorites. What's not to like.... caudex, beautiful foliage and pretty flowers!!! They definitely require water as they wilt quickly if allowed to dry slightly. As a segue, might anyone have seeds and or plants of another member of this family, Calvoa orientalis?
  3. Weak fertilizer and water the roots. Spraying leaves isn't the best.
  4. I am also a novice with these plants. I have a few Myr beccarii in my greenhouse. Living in SE Michigan, our winters are pretty gray most days and currently on a gray day the plants are receiving about 140FC of light. I keep the greenhouse between 70F day/62F night. Humidity fluctuates 60%+/- I allow them to dry ever so slightly and then soak them. I have continuous air circulation. Having said all of this, I have been noticing some leaf drop and not certain why, so I could be doing something wrong.
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