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  1. Marcel

    New forum owner and administrator

    There is software that can do that. Look here: https://cms2cms.com/cms/supported-cms/vbulletin-to-phpbb-migration/ It seems to be an automated proces so little effort. It has a calculator that gives you costs based on pages, topics, comments and number of users. As this forum is not really big it might be affordable... 20 pages and 100 users comes to an estimate of 19 dollar as an example. It might be worth deleting inactive registrations and non important comments though..
  2. Marcel

    Feedback from members

    Just visiting more or less weekly as this is a side interest to me (CP man myself) so just don't much to contribute unless I make a trip and run into the plants. No problems with ads, but in general most fora are going under anyway due to FB etc.. Few die hards refuse to let go but unless another member brings them the stuff from FB and twitter (Boy do I hate that blue bird) they start missing out on news. People want instant answers these days and that you can't search is not an issue.they just ask again and there is always someone who will answer...
  3. Marcel

    Time for a change?

    I think it won't be a bad idea (as I said before) to have a forum with general information open to allI to promote the plants and a closed Members only content. However I don't think money should be the key. In these time not everybody can contribute as much as they want, charities loose sponsors every day because people just have to cut their spending or at least choose where the money goes.
  4. Marcel

    Statistics of postings

    People disapear allright...of the two new members I send a message about how they found us one is already gone...no reply yet from the other and no reply to Derrick's first question either by the way.
  5. Marcel

    Issues with Editing Posts

    Well glad it works again oh petrified eater of human hearts...
  6. Marcel

    Issues with Editing Posts

    Let's try and see if this works or not..seems to work fine for me...
  7. Marcel

    Members / Guests

    Do we know at what point the leave? Are we sure there is no technical problem? I have found that many people won't bother with a forum if they have to register, but those who start usually don't abort once they are on the way..
  8. Marcel

    Some pictures from Nancy

    Thanks for sharing
  9. Marcel

    Members / Guests

    I don't see that we keep poachers from getting data without screening members...and that is very difficult to do. I try to avoid giving exact locations on forums, if someone want them he can pm me. I don't think a picture would be a problem as long as we look that GPS data is deactivated. I have no idea on how to prevent post showing in search engines...if you restrict search enigines you have more problems in getting found by new members but is that an issue if it is possible?
  10. Yes, too bad some of the plants only have collection numbers. I think just nobody so far had the time to sort them all out. Leiden has always done most work in Orchids and Nepenthes. Also, I didn't take pictures of every specimen as I was just trying out my new camera. Next time aroun I'll see if I can find out more. They do have a nice information panel with the plants.
  11. Hi, Stewart posted a short (30 minute) movie about a Nepenthes expedition in New Guinea for free to promote a fundraiser for short conservation movies. y: http://www.redfernnaturalhistory.com/…/rediscovery-nepenth…/ Some nice antplants at around 12 minutes in....South of Dorman's top. Enjoy.
  12. Marcel

    Origins of Myrmecochory

    Thanks, looks interesting ...
  13. I know there is another book, more of a fieldguide, in preparation and the authors are looking at binata, quote: "Glad Allen left something for us to do".
  14. Hi Aurélien, That's Drosera serpens and it's sort of re-instated by Allen as indica is to him something different. In these new views (I have some doubts on part of them) there is no indica anymore on the Australian continent, it's all something else like serpens and some of the others. Guess that will have some people fighting paperwars for the next couple of years....and the work on the binata's is still an ongoing process to add to the fire when it gets published
  15. Hi, as I found some antplants during my hunt for carnivorous plants here are the links to the two Facebook albums I created. Lots of other stuff there too Daintree, Tablelands: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.728920490501119.1073741833.100001495242442&type=1&l=9bbe93e9ca Cape York: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.729317233794778.1073741836.100001495242442&type=1&l=4294fc3fcb Hope you like them (and if you know what species they are please let me know ).