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  1. Very impressive! Congratulations on the new greenhouse and well done. I could spend an entire day there
  2. Thought I'd share photos of some plants grown from seed (purchased from Frank) over the past few years. Hydnophytum Papuanum: Myrmecodia Tuberosa: Myrmecodia species: Unknown (lost the label):
  3. Hi all, I thought I'd share some of my young plants, some (youngest ones) still grown together in a container with high humidity, others divided into small groups/separately. I'm also adding the latest nepenthes Truncata 'red leaves' pitcher which is being grown next to the ant plants. Shimi
  4. Definitely a beautiful specimen. Makes me want to start growing Lecanopteris (again). Thanks for posting.
  5. wow, very nice! I especially like the first two pictures, very special.
  6. Thanks Todd for the quick reply. I think the problem was indeed heat - I didn't notice at first but one of the fluorescent lamps above the glass ceiling of the terrarium rested on the glass (I used something to hold it several cm above but it broke), hence increasing the temperature inside. Interestingly, the nepenthes didn't seem to matter much. The hydnophytum, having been moved to a different terrarium, hasn't shown any indications of decline, and I hope it will come back. However, my Lecanopteris now looks really bad (see pictures below) - the leaves are somewhat OK, but the rhyzome turned black and it's a little mushy. Is there any way to salvage it? Should I take it out and inspect the roots and cut away parts that are too soft? I'll appreciate any advice.
  7. Hey Todd, It is grown in a terrarium with my nepenthes, none of which is showing these symptoms. I guess that perhaps as it grew taller, it came closer to the lights and it was too much for it. Perhaps it has something to do with being too large for the pot? Anyway, as a precaution, I now moved it to a different terrarium where it is further away from the lights and not as hot, I'm hoping it will recover fast. Thanks, Shimi
  8. Hi guys, Just noticed that the leaves on my Hydnophytum formicarum are starting to look bad - see picture below. I'm trying not to over-water the plant (the medium looks pretty moist), the setting is the same for the past ~7 months as I haven't changed anything and the plant didn't move. One thing that is clear when comparing these updated pictures to the plant when I purchased it (December 2015) is that the caudex is much larger. Any ideas? Am I doing anything wrong? Shimi
  9. Hi all, I thought ~4.5 months later, an update was in order. The plants grow well, there's even a small plantlet growing out of the hydnophytum caudex. I'm attaching some pictures below. Have a great weekend! Shimi
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies. @Philman - thanks, I do plan on growing the collection in the near future @ Frank and Aurelien - thanks for the correction, and you're absolutely right - I checked and I made a mistake when copying from the label. The correct name is Lecanopteris celebica - I also edited in my first post above. Shimi
  11. Hi all, A few days ago I purchased 3 plants - Myrmecodia tuberosa, Hydnophytum formicarum and Lecanopteris celebica, shown below. They're now growing in the terrarium with my carnivorous plants (mostly Nepenthes). Shimi
  12. Hi Andreas, First of all thanks for bringing up this forum; since I am a newbie to the field of ant-plants, I didn't contribute but instead learned about these fascinating plants by reading the posts of others. Hence, I view this forum as a very important source, one that exists nowhere else (or at least none that I'm aware of). I fully understand your concern regarding both time and cost associated with running this forum; regarding the cost, I only ran a quick search, but aren't there much cheaper alternatives for hosting? I noticed proboards (where the PitcherPlants forum is hosted) has an ad-free option for $7. Shimi
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