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    Time for a change?

    As a newbie to the forum, I would hate to see it disappear. It is indeed a fantastic resource and an honor to interact with those who are far more experienced with ant plants than myself. It is also nice to discover other collectors. However, my reasons for liking this forum are purely selfish. I have little to contribute personally, since my collection is small and my field work is in another field (Bahamian ethnobiology). Nor do I think I have the skills or time to manage a forum. I belong to another rather active forum (Dendroboard); so I see the potential of what this could become. I would love to see that happen, but I understand that managing this site isn't free and it is rather time-consuming. I hope you find the right volunteer to help. Logan
  2. LoganRandolph

    Some of my collection

    Awesome collection, Todd.