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  1. spore seedling

    Hello Jeff, I frequently have sporelings in the greenhouse but they never became weedy such as other ferns. I was sowing spores in vitro. No problems. All the best Andreas
  2. New forum owner and administrator

    The problem is the transfer of content. I do not know if there is any way to extract the content to transfer to another forum. All the best Andreas
  3. New forum owner and administrator

    I'm very glad that Frank gives this forum another chance after I decided to step back. Good luck!!! All the best Andreas
  4. A herbarium sheet with a name tag put on it on is not a publication. Without a valid publication it's a nomen nudum. These rules are very clear. All the best Andreas
  5. Time for a change?

    Hallo all, I'm having a terribly busy season and simply have no time left to run this forum. After I had asked for somebody to take over responsibility and nobody was interested, I decided to step back and just see what's happening. My impression - not much... Saying that, I consider the whole attempt failed. If somebody is still interested to run this forum, I'm more than happy to transfer the domain. However, I'll not make more money transfers to Invision. So sooner or later, this place will be gone. It seems sad reality, that the interest for this fascinating group of plants is far too small to have enough dedicated participants to runn such a place successfully. I will still grow these plants and might open a few galleries with my pictures on my website after this forum is gone. All the best Andreas
  6. No, the paper by Low et al has been published. That is what counts. Rule of priority. All the best Andreas
  7. Not really. I have plants mounted on bark that look like a good match. When potted, this species exhibits quite different characteristics. All the best Andreas
  8. Mounting of ant plants

    I mount many plants and it works fairly well. However a problem is visible in your picture: When fertilized very often and the caudex starts to root all over. While the plants grow nicely, this looks a little strange IMHO. Since the fertilizer drops sit at the end of the roots, these grow into "beards"... I've yet to find a way to avoid this. All the best Andreas
  9. I often asked myself how old big specimens of Hydnophytinae could be. I was always sure that they must be very old. However, last year I saw a few fairly big Myrmecodia brassii and M. lamii plants that grew terrestrially just besides a newly built road on the road bank. Unless somebody moved and "replanted" them there they could be just a few years old. I guess aa active ant colony must be a huge source of nitrogen! All the best Andreas
  10. The leaf-midribs seem very prominent to me. I have some doubts that this is H. moseleyanum. All the best Andreas
  11. Myrmecodia lamii - cultivated plant

    Hi Jay, for some months (from beginning of the year til September I was using Peters Excel Grower (14-6-14 +6,5CaO +2,5MgO +TE) for my ant plants. I chose it because of the fact that it contains both Ca and Mg and I thought that the higher rate of K would be nice for Succulents. However I was not really happy with the results. Leaf coloration was not too good and growth did not meet expectations at all either. Then I switched to Hakaphos Soft Elite (24-6-12 +2MgO +TE) which I was using before for a short time. Of cause, now I have to supplement Ca separately again - I do this from time to time as CaCl solution. The improvement is dramatic. Apparently, the ant plants did not appreciate the high K content at all. Since September I have a good growth and a dramatic change in root tip quality and leaf coloration. All the best Andreas
  12. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    P.S. That is my son Leander with a big Myrmecodia brassii while traveling Irian Jaya this summer. Some people were quite sceptic hearing that we took a child to such a remote place. He enjoyed it a lot and we had a great time. It was so good that we'll return in 2016 - again as a family expedition
  13. Myrmecodia lamii - cultivated plant

    Hi Jay, you use Fe-EDTA? If yes, at which dilution? I am a bit reluctant with giving them tons of iron, since more than half of the plants I've seen grow as epiphytes. Where would they get huge doses of iron from? All the best Andreas
  14. Myrmecodia lamii - cultivated plant

    Of cause not. On trees the substrate is bark. Terrestrial growing plants can be found either in moss or rocky ground. All the best Andreas