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  1. Bonjour ROBERT merci for this catalogue jeff
  2. Bonjour very interesting method to grow dischidia . the nursery in Mareebe have a web site ? jeff
  3. Bonjour for Borneo island (borneo- sarawak ) species I think like FRANK . may be others morphologicals caracters to see : the clipeoli , the alveoli , the leaves midrib , and also if the clypeoli continue to the base of the stem . jeff
  4. Bonjour very good sucess ROBERT jeff
  5. Bonjour JAY merci for these infos. you have try just stem cutting , the leaves cutting do not start ? the rooted stem cutting give tuber ? jeff
  6. Bonjour very interesting method JAY , and really the plant is sprouting new growths on the upper edge of the wound ? you use this method on a healthy plant or a damaged plant. I tried that too on a plant that began to rot, I had removed all the damaged part with a cutter blade until reaching the healthy part ,Then I sprouted with charcoal powder,Unfortunately the result had not been convincing. may be ventilation was not sufficient ? have you try leaf or stem cuttings ? jeff
  7. salut ANDREAS you try not directly on peat ? jeff
  8. Bonjour have you try , spore seedling on lecanopteris or solanopteris jeff
  9. Bonjour ROBERT yes I have a light problem , but I can not explain the head rot,And when I cut, the stem divides and stays healthy. jeff
  10. WAOUH . very nice collection . jeff
  11. Bonjour For my part I had a lot of loss on juveniles, last year, head rot. The only way I have found to remedy it, for those who remain is to cut off the head. may be have you an others solutions ? jeff
  12. Bonjour FRANK what medium use you ? sphagnum ?dead or alive ? no peat? have you a lot of mortality in your juveniles ? jeff
  13. Bonjour Luzon ( present in polillo) , epiphytic in mangrove swamps mine come from Quezon jeff
  14. Bonjour it is nevertheless very interesting to know the gender of the plant from these fruits here on a female fruiting jeff
  15. Bonjour When the seeds have sprouted, you will be able to tell us which kinds are plants that come from, males or females? jeff